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Even 1 Death Is Too Many

The goal of Ohio's Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is to achieve zero deaths on Ohio's roadways. The Plan is a map to guide professionals and volunteers who work tirelessly to help us achieve this goal.

Safety Is Not An Accident

Working together has led to significant reductions in crashes and fatalities on Ohio's roads. Below are reductions in three key categories from 2008-2017.  However, over the past several years our progress has started to slow.


Safety: Fatalities Down 1%

Serious Injuries

Safety: Serious Injuries Down 12%

All Crashes

Safety: All Crashes Down 7%

Our Focus

Our Focus: Serious Crash Types

Serious Crash Types

Our Focus: High Risk Drivers & Behaviors

High Risk Drivers & Behaviors

Our Focus: Special Vehicle & Roadway Users

Special Vehicle & Roadway Users

Our Focus: Data


News Flash

2017 Ohio Traffic Fatalities

These deaths represent a 4% increase over last year. For the fourth year in a row, preventable traffic deaths have risen across Ohio.